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Problems Facing UK Steel

There seems an elaborate set of problems facing UK steel; not only do we have a surplus of inexpensive, foreign steel, however the expense of generating British steel is enhanced due to higher earnings and greater power costs. Although efficiency renovations in manufacturing procedures currently indicate that contemporary steel needs less work per tonne to make, this in itself just contributes to the over-supply. European steel should also abide by eco-friendly taxes and also environment change regulations, meaning it’s more moral, but relatively talking, less competitive. At the same time, the remarkable fall in crude oil prices have led to reduced investment in finding new British oil as well as gas, creating a decrease in demand for steel for the oil as well as gas sector within the British Isles.



When West Yorkshire Steel began in the 1970’s, the industry utilized around 200,000 individuals. A decade later, throughout the steel strikes when Ian McGregor handled the steel unions, it had to do with fifty percent that as well as today, steelworker numbers are approximated to be approximately 30,000, with 15,000 used by Tata.


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